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What are 360° Photographs and 360° Virtual Tours of Business?

A 360° photograph consists of multiple still photographs seamlessly stitched together, whereas a 360° Virtual Tour is a simulation of an existing property using 360° photos and/or videos. In terms of business and real estate, a 360° Virtual Tour helps viewers virtually experience an existing business location or real estate without actually being there. They can look up above them, at the floor below them, and all around. Users are also able to zoom in and out — giving them the ability to focus in on areas of interest.

Why 360° Photography and 360° Virtual Tour?

When searching for businesses online, consumers use online map services 44% of the time. Businesses with 360° photography and 360° Virtual Tours found on online map services are twice as likely to generate interest. 360° Virtual Tour is interactive, fun, showcases a business, and increases customer engagement.

Benefits of 360° Photography and 360° Virtual Tour

A 360° Virtual Tour adds another dimension to your marketing efforts, and showcases your business or property. A 360° Virtual Tour of your business location on Google Maps, Street View, Google Search, Facebook, and your own business website will definitely generate viewers interest, interactions and increase visibility. Business listings with 360° photography and 360° Virtual Tour are twice as likely to generate interest and engage your viewers. It also boosts online traffic to your website, which leads offline traffic to your business location.

Who Can Benefit from 360° Photography and 360° Virtual Tour?

Almost any business with physical location(s) can benefit from 360° photography and 360° Virtual Tour. Real estate and gated communities, vacation homes, restaurants and hotels, nightclubs and bars, retail stores and shopping malls, schools and churches, fitness centers and spas, and auto dealerships can improve their Google My Business listings and Facebook pages with 360° photographs and 360° Virtual Tours.

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