360 Photos on Facebook

360° photos are a fun way to create an immersive experience for your Facebook followers and promote your business at the same time. Facebook recently added a feature that recognizes 360° images when you upload them. Facebook then automatically creates interactive 360° view with the uploaded 360° photo. When you post a 360° photo on your Facebook page, viewers can drag it with a finger or the mouse to see the full picture from different angles.

How 360° Photos on Facebook Can Help Your Business

Every business wants customers, and Facebook has no shortage of real customers. You just need to engage them while they are on your Facebook page. If you are in real estate business, posting 360° photos of your properties will definitely attract potential buyers from everywhere. If you own a car dealership, posting 360° photos of your showroom along with your promotions can bring more customers to your dealership. If you are a restaurant owner, why not post some indoor 360° views of your restaurant? Almost any business can take advantage of Facebook's 360° photo feature to attract new and existing followers, and have them "share" and "like" your post. More "likes" on Facebook mean more people are learning about your business. This is the quickest and cheapest way to promote your business and acquire new customers at the same time.


Unfortunately, taking 360° photos with smartphones and posting it instantly on your Facebook page doesn't give a good impression about your business. Because 360° photos taken with smartphones oftentimes shows stitch errors, glitches, unwanted objects, and reveal faces and other information that you do not want it to be seen. You also do not have the capability to insert your business logo or name. It does more harm than good, and minimizes your chances of getting "likes" on Facebook.

When you hire us for a 360° photo shoot, we will shoot and stitch 360° photos correctly. We will touch up photos and blur information or object that you don't want to share. We will also brand your 360° photos with your business name or logo. Give your business a spin on Facebook with 360° Virtual Tour. Contact us to schedule a convenient time to shoot 360° photos of your property.

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