Google Maps Street View for Business

360° Photos on Google Business Listing

Google Maps is one of the smartest and most popular online map services that uses the power of the Google search engine and the Google Earth application to make finding and getting to a destination faster and easier than ever.

Within Google Maps service, Google provides business listings with business name, address, telephone number, photos, website address (if available), business hours, reviews, street view as well as other nearby businesses and points of interest. For instance, when people search "restaurants near me", Google will show the relevant results along with the map of nearby restaurants. Each restaurant showing up on the map is marked with a pin and has its own mini-website linked to the pin.

360 Photos on Google Maps

One of the most important features on Google Maps is Street View where Google allows businesses (that appear on Google Maps) to submit their indoor and outdoor 360° photos. Once submitted and approved by Google, they will automatically create an interactive photo sphere (360° virtual tour) which can be viewed on computers, tablets, smartphones and VR headsets. The 360° virtual tours can also be shared with the entire world through social media or embedded on your own website. When a business submits its indoor 360° photos on Google Maps Street View, people who search for that business location and driving directions can also see the inside 360° views before they show up.

Why is it so important to submit indoor and outdoor 360° views of your business on Google Maps Street View?

A high quality 360° virtual tour of your business on Google Maps builds trust and lets people experience indoor and outdoor 360° views of your business location before they arrive. This 360° virtual tour on Google Maps Street View creates an immersive experience and inspires greater confidence among your prospective customers. On average, 41% of the business searches on Google Maps result in an on-site visit, and listings with photos and 360° virtual tours are twice as likely to generate users' interest.

As an expert in 360° photography and virtual tour, we can help you create, brand and publish your 360° VR tour on Google Maps and expand your presence on Google Maps Street View. This is the most cost effective way of letting people know about your business. Submitting your business 360° photos do not cost any fees other than a small fee to shoot 360° photos. Contact View It 360 today!

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